Fermin Muguruza´s project “Black is Beltza” makes the leap from paper to the big screen. After three years of work, the screenplay written by the Irunian musician and filmmaker, Harkaitz Cano and Eduard Sola, also recorded in a graphic novel, can be seen in theaters turned into an 80-minute animated film from the next October 5th,  2018.

The actors and actresses Unax Ugalde, Isaach de Bankole, Iseo, Sergi Lopez, Ramon Agirre, Rossy de Palma, Ramon Barea, Willy Toledo, Angelo Moore, Maria de Medeiros, Jorge Perugorria, Hamid Krim and Emma Suárez will be in charge of voices, in Euskera, Spanish, English, French and Arabic, to the adventures of Manex.

The story begins in October 1965: Pamplona giant troupe is invited to parade down Fifth Avenue in New York, but the racist administration prohibits the participation of black giants.

Manex is in charge of transporting the giants, and is involved in an exciting journey that intersects the murder of Malcom X, the factory of Andy Warhol, the black panthers, the Cuban revolution, the birth of the hippy movement and the psychedelic atmosphere of the first musical festival.

  • Status: Released in 2018
  • Service Production: Animation, Clean Up
  • Format: Film
  • Target: Adults
  • Format: 2D HD
  • Produced by: Black is Beltza AIE, Talka Records & Films, Setmagic, Elkar
  • Directed by: Fermín Muguruza
  • Web: http://www.blackisbeltza.eus/

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