Counting sheep is one of the most universal methods to fall sleep. But now, there is a question, what would happen if one of those sheep doesn´t want to work tonight? That´s what this story is about. Bobby is a very, very lazy sheep, that doesn´t want to work any more. But life will teach him that the lazy, at the ends, works double.

For the style of the film, Director Rafa Vera wanted some kind of calligraphic line for my clean drawings. After some tests, we discovered a new tool in Toon Boom Harmony that gave me the exact result we wanted. Here there is a video showing how the tool works.

The music is a piece by Vivaldi, called Guitar Concerto in D, 3rd Movement. Vivaldi wrote many concertos for various instruments, including lute and mandolin. This Concerto in D major for Lute and Orchestra has been transcribed for guitar. It has been recorded by many artists. It remains one of the finest examples of the medium. I chose this one because I could see a story since the very first time I heard it. Here you have the OST.